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    help on Application mapping

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      Hi all,


      In application mapping qualification tab, when I give the full name of the SI like "Oracle CRM f60svrm on mumapp1" I am able to filter out all the other SI's and get the expected SI for mapping. Say in future if the infrastructure team moves the software from host "mumapp1" to some other host with a name "abcedf". WIll ADDm automatically update the mapping and relate the new SI on "abcdef" to the application and update in  CMDB. If it doesn't, please let me know a possible solution in this case.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Andrew Waters

          No - it will not automatically update the mapping for the new SI. The problem you have is that you are being much too specific. You need to tell ADDM how to recognise the general application rather than a specific instance. For example the fact the there is an Oracle instance with specific schema.


          Documentation and videos on application mapping can be found here.

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            Thanks for the quick reply andrew. Oracle instance means, it is just an example.I have seen the vedeios.


            Actually in application mapping search qualification, i search for db name or software ccomponent or application server instance. In my envrionment there are more than one schema or software component with same name. In this case i have to go too specfic in the qualification. What can be the solution andrew. Please let me know.

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              Andrew Waters

              The solution will completely depend upon your environment.


              You need to determine what uniquely identifies an application and build from there. Perhaps it is a group of processes on a machine, perhaps it uses specific websites, etc.

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                Hi Kay,


                I am working on application mapping.

                Even I am facing the same issue like I need to be specific in SI inorder to get required results.

                May I know how did you proceed further?

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                  I agree with Andrew it shouldn't be specific.



                  The Way I do is specially for the database.



                  Let say for all MS SQL Server's the Instance name is MSSQLServer. We request them to provide the Database Details of that application. I don't believe anyone will use the default one. Each Application will create its own schema(Database Details).Most of the time we get the unique Database Details which can be used in CAM. For eg. Remedy Schema will always contain ARSystem such as ARSystem, Prod_ARSystem, Dev_ARSystem, etc And even if they completely change in that case they will still give a unique name which can be identified.


                  For Software components did you checked what is the instance name or process name from which they are disccovered. You should be able to find something.