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    validate soap/xml responses

      I am not the TMART analyst, but I am trying to help myself understand what is happening.  Inside the code there are "Nodes" and "Values" to determine whether or not you got a valid response.  I would like to be able to use just the XML tag, not the value as a validation for this service.


      For example.  I am sending a SOAP/XML request in TMART, it is receiving a SOAP/XML response back. 


      Here I would like to use "orderMachinesResponse" as the validation code.  If the response contains this XML tag, it is verified! 


      Is this possible?!



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          You should be able to do that by clicking the Source tab (right next to the "Rendered (XML)", which you have selected in your screen capture), painting the text you want to verify (orderMachinesResponse), right-clicking the mouse and selecting "Verify selected text".


          The created function should be "WebVerifyData", which means you're verifying a string from the source data.