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    Appserver adapter binding on multihomed server

    richard mcleod

      Is it possible to bind the appserver to use a specific adapter? My appserver has 3 active adapters (PROD, BACKUP, PROVISIONING), they are all able to access different parts of the network. PROD is the connection I would prefer the appserver runs all BL related transactions over aside from Provisioning.


      Only reason I ask is I was just testing nsh access from the appserver and enabled ssoproxy + auth profile in the secure file and ended up with this warning


      [Nsh-Proxy-Thread-29] [WARN] [Anonymous:Anonymous:] [BLSSOPROXY] target service url in session request message does not match my URL: service:proxysvc.bladelogic.blsess://appserver.domain.com:9842 != service:proxysvc.bladelogic.blsess://

      [Nsh-Proxy-Thread-29] [WARN] [Anonymous:Anonymous:] [BLSSOPROXY] Client's session credential was rejected

      [Nsh-Proxy-Thread-29] [INFO] [Anonymous:Anonymous:] [BLSSOPROXY] failure establishing session with proxy service


      So the interesting thing to note here is that the ip is that of the backup adapter which also resolves to a different hostname (appserverK) vice appserver.


      I've put entries in the hosts file to try to ensure this doesn't happen

      appserver appserver.domain.com


      So question is how is BL picking up the IP of the backup adapter??