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    users, users.local and exports file

      My file server and application server are on different machines. I have setup AP and everything works fine if I keep a local admin account on file server and use it in the users.local file. When I remove the entry, the app server doesn't start giving access denied error. This is what I have on the file server :>


      Entry with admin account:

      System:System          rw,map=test


      Entry without admin account:

      System:System          rw



      *          rw



      BLAdmins:BLAdmin          rw



      On further testing I have found if I add the default BL user (which gets installed while installing the agent) to the bladelogic repository path and give full permission, the application service on the application server is able to start and works fine. So the questions are:


      1. Is configuration on file server in any way different than rest of the servers?

      2. Are the entries which I am using correct in the file server.

      To add here, I have not changed these files on the targets and app server as they are not used when using AP. They still have the previous content. So, are these files in any way used on file server?

      3. Does the file server need to use a local admin account even with AP?

      4. What problems can arise by giving full permission to the BL default account on the storage file path? And is it fine to do?