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    High Availability documents - Implemented ones ?


      Our team could get into an implementation of SA where HA and DR implementation is required(mainly HA to start-off with).

      Would anybody be willing to share documentations implemented for their clients on high availability through email(if it cant be posted here) ?


      Note : I have gone through the many posts on the same subject in the communities. I do understand that a document applied for an  entity/organization may not apply to us, because of the different technologies (NAS vs clustering, diff loadbalancing vendors, diff DB techniques etc).

      But an implemented document with different configurations and steps(especially on BBSA side) will be of great help.


      I have gone through the below links in bmc docs for high availability and they have been of tremendous help:



      and also links for app server and database high availability, including a consolidated link.


      However, they are good guidelines and assume extensive experience on load balancing, clustering etc. Our team does have experience on clustering etc but we are concerned of any specific configuration on BBSA side.


      Just for example - From the following link Load balancer setup question , we got to know of some issue we could have faced:


      1) Set SNAT to auto_map. (the BL seems to only want this setting.)

      2) Remove the F5 SSL and use the one on the BMC server. (when authenticating the BMC server will pass to the client all the SSL it needs)

      3) LB needs to be configured "sticky"


      That's  where implemented documents will be of great help as references.


      An example of an excellently written AIX patch implementation that helped me in the past from this post: AIX Patching - with alt_disk_copy and alt_rootvg_op support


      Thought I could check with the community for the HA space as well, as I am certain I will find some help here.

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          Joe Piotrowski

          This is a very overarching question that people might not want to take the time to try and tackle.


          You might be better served breaking your question into separate discussions. Best practice, in this scenario, for HA/DR file server. Best practice, in this environment, for HA for config servers with X users, in X locations. Etc.


          In my opinion (and I hope people chime in on this statement) the focus of the HA and DR should be on the data; file server and database. Installing multiple application servers will take care of the HA requirement on the service side. If an appserver(s) go down, the other appservers will automatically take over the load.


          Also, in a worst case scenario, if you have the file server and database data, you can rebuild a new BSA environment and just point the appservers to those data locations and you're back up and running. So, IMO, your HA/DR plan will start from that simple premise and build from there.

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