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    patch catalog smart group filtering

    Luciano Spagnuolo

      My current client has a list of specific bulletins/Hotfixes that needs to be deployed.  In doing this I created a Patch catalog smart group and entered the items like so


      Match = any


      Windows Bulletin   NAME   is one of  MS03-023  MS03-024 etc..

      Windows Bulletin  NAME  is one of  MS04-001 MS04-002 etc.


      I have an entry for each of the different MS numbers.  i.e. MS03, MS04, MS05, MS07 etc..  I believe when it comes time to make changes

      this approach would make it easy to remove any specific items.


      Here is the problem that I have.  After I add all the bulletins I need to exclude all Service packs so that we don't deploy hotfixs and service packs at the same time.


      Adding addition entries like this does not exclude the service packs.


      Hotfix  NAME  is one of   "Windows Server 2008" "Windows Server 2003" "Windows Server 2012"


      I've tried doing it several different ways but nothing seems to exclude them.  Any ideas are welcomed.



      Lou Spagnuolo