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    Java heap space error



      We have scheduled Snapshot jobs to take snapshot of all the servers in our environment.


      Some of the servers fail with the error message "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space"


      When BBSA records the error, we see that on some cases the CPU utilization goes very high like 99% as the BBSA java process' CPU utilization remains at 99%.

      We end up restarting the BBSA application to fix this issue. We observe this regularly. Hence we changed the frequency to weekly once.

      Is it a known issue. Let us know if there is a solution to fix this issue.



      1. Operating System: Microsoft Windows server 2008 R2
      2. Operating System Patches: Service Pack 1
      3. System Type: 64 – bit OS
      4. BMC Bladelogic: Version