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    How do you make local configuration objects work?

      I have created an Extended Object that I can use when I Live Browse a test server. However when I recreate the exact same Object as a Local Configuration Object and add it to a Compliance Template and use it in a Rule it fails as below:


      Local Configuration Query :

      Boot Timeout Local Config Object  Extended Object Class Windows


      nsh -c "/c/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/NSH/extended_objects/boot_timeout.nsh" ??TARGET.NAME??


      Boot_timeout.nsh :

      nexec $1 bcdedit /enum | grep timeout



      Used In rule as :

      "Extended Object Entry:Boot Timeout Local Config Object"."Value1 as Integer (All OS)" equals 5


      Results :

      "Extended Object Entry:Boot Timeout Local Config Object"  {left Value empty} exists  {Right Value empty}