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    Reduce Windows Server Editions in product_categories.xml

    Steffen Kreis



      we always look into extending the product_categories.xml for Windows Server to enable new Patches for new Products etc.

      This time I'm wondering if it is also supported to "reduce" or take away some of the Edition entries for Windows Servers.


      The reason i' asking is that we maintain two sets of Windows Server Patch Catalogs agent-mount and agent-copy.

      Looking at the Hotfixes, but of these Catalogs contain up to 20.000 Hotfix Depot-Objects.


      These large amount of objects cause that a CUJ takes longer and longer over the time.

      As we can't Patch a Server when we Update a catalog, this is causing issues for us, especially with the frequency Shavlik is spitting out new updates.


      In theory we only have a handful of different Windows Server Editions in our environment, which are Standard and Enterprise for 2003 and 2008 R2.


      Is it possible/supported to take all the other Editions away from the XML ?