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    Audit for CIs

    Srinivas Merugu
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      After running a an activity job say identity or merge, how can I see what has changed ? Is there any audit form avaiable where I can go and check ?


      How can I audit the CIs from BaseElement form ?



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          Carey Walker

          Couple of options for you.


          1. The RE job log files. If you set the highest level of logging (debug) for your RE jobs, you will get very detailed information about what is happening (or not happening) to every CI affected by the recon. job. This goes down to the level of telling you for every attribute in every CI, whether it was changed by the RE job etc etc.


          2. Audit. For the CMDB, auditing is pretty much the same as it is in other parts of the Remedy ITSM suite. To enable logging, there are two steps which you can do via the Class Manager. Firstly, decide which classes you want audited. You have mentioned BaseElement (which is the obvious starting point). So in the class manager, select that class and on the properties tab you'll see the Audit option. Default value is None, so change it to Audit. Set it to Log for the moment. Second step is to then decide which attributes on that form you want audited (you need this step as well as the first step for anything useful to happen). So now look at the attributes tab and locate the one or more attributes you want audited. Edit that attribute and look for the Audit Options. For basic auditing just choose Audit.

          Save your changes and once the background process that makes the updates has completed, the selected attributes are now being audited. There are forms you can now look at to see the audit details, but the easiest way of seeing a nicely formatted view of the changes, is look at a CI in the related asset management form, and then select the CMDB Audit option on the lefty hand side panel. This will show you the audit history for the CI.


          Please refer to the CMDB documentation for a full discussion of this, including what the other audit options mean, and where to find the audit details for detailed review or reporting you may need.

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            Young So

            Here is the answer that was post by BMC support staff.


            The Pulse: Auditing your Assets


            If you need more details.  Let me know...

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              Srinivas Merugu

              Thanks Carey


              There are too many classes I see in the class manager, do I have to set the the audit for each class ? Is there a global setting for enabling logging for all the classes ?


              Basically I want auditing to be enabled for all types of CIs

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                Carey Walker

                BaseElement contains most of the attributes that you will typically want to audit, so just enabling that class, and then the attributes you need, will solve 90% of your requirements. Where you have identified attributes in other classes that also need auditing, you will have to deal with those one by one.


                PS Please mark these answers as helpful or correct! Thanks.

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                  Srinivas Merugu

                  I got the answer to my questions - we can close the thread.


                  Thanks Carey and Young!