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    BBSA 8.3 Instance Issue

      Hi my BBSA 8.3 is on Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise and some settings seem to have got messed up from DB or Application server end. I am getting the following errors as mentioned below. I have checked the DB tables application_server and file_server are fine

      Any idea what has gone wrong in my instance?


      1.) The App service takes lot of time to restart and times out showing below prompt but it starts after long time if I restart first my RSCD service and then the Appservice.

      Windows could not start the BladeLogic Application Server service on Local Computer.

      Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.



      2.) Appsever log has the following entry:

      [11 Feb 2014 12:45:26,236] [Authentication-Service-Thread-0] [ERROR] [::] [Appserver] Unexpected exception

      java.lang.SecurityException: Unable to locate a login configuration

      at com.sun.security.auth.login.ConfigFile.<init>(Unknown Source)

      at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method)

      at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(Unknown Source)

      at sun.reflect.DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(Unknown Source)

      at java.lang.reflect.Constructor.newInstance(Unknown Source)

      at java.lang.Class.newInstance0(Unknown Source)

      at java.lang.Class.newInstance(Unknown Source)

      at javax.security.auth.login.Configuration$3.run(Unknown Source)

      at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)

      at javax.security.auth.login.Configuration.getConfiguration(Unknown Source)

      at javax.security.auth.login.LoginContext$1.run(Unknown Source)

      at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)

      at javax.security.auth.login.LoginContext.init(Unknown Source)

      at javax.security.auth.login.LoginContext.<init>(Unknown Source)

      at com.bladelogic.sso.protocol.kerberos.ADKerberosPasswordLogin.validate(ADKerberosPasswordLogin.java:100)

      at com.bladelogic.sso.protocol.passphrase.PassphraseServiceStateMachine.consume(PassphraseServiceStateMachine.java:92)

      at com.bladelogic.om.infra.auth.service.AuthSvcConnection.handleAuthRequest(AuthSvcConnection.java:173)

      at com.bladelogic.om.infra.auth.service.AuthSvcWorkerThread.execute(AuthSvcWorkerThread.java:63)

      at com.bladelogic.om.infra.auth.service.AuthSvcWorkerThread.execute(AuthSvcWorkerThread.java:17)

      at com.bladelogic.om.infra.app.service.thread.BlBlockingThread.run(BlBlockingThread.java:95)

      Caused by: java.io.IOException: Unable to locate a login configuration

      at com.sun.security.auth.login.ConfigFile.init(Unknown Source)


      3.) Console shows the following alert:

      A network error has occured. The authentication service may have closed the connection due to a long period of inactivity


      The instance is AD integrated and the Appserver settings show correct settings. Please suggest where it is messed up...

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          Is this a DEV or LAB instance ?



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            Bill Robinson

            can you show the output of the 'blasadmin -s <instance name> show auth all' ?


            and the contents of the blappserv_krb5.conf and blappserv_login.conf ?  the error seems to indicate one of those files can't be located.

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              Yes Bill, I noticed that (for some unknown reason) these files were not there under <PROGRAM FOLDER>\BMC Software\BladeLogic\NSH\br. I have copied them from another instance and seen that now the services are up and running.

              Then I changed the JAVA_HOME to point to <PROGRAM FOLDER>\BMC Software\BladeLogic\NSH\jre (using BL Java)

              Now noticing that the services are starting but takes a lot of time to start

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                Bill Robinson

                where were they ?


                you don't need to change JAVA_HOME.


                can you clear the appserver.log and then start the service and attach the log after the startup times out ?

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                  Thanks Bill, these files were just not present in this box (no idea, this is fresh install), I copied them from another TST server. Please find attached all the related log files after restart. Additionally I am noticing couple of weird things on this instance:

                  1.        All services resume fine and console connects fine when I physically restart the DB Server and the Application Server boxes, not sure if any specific order for services is required to be followed.

                  2.        When I restart the Appservice alone this subject issue occurs - it shows 1053 windows service alert, times out and the status in windows services console changes to "Starting..". At this time when I restart the RSCD service and then refresh on the Appserver service status again it gets started after 9 - 10 minutes, but the console is not able to connect and shows the mentioned alert. In windows task manager I notice that java.exe and appsvc.exe occupy almost complete resources. None of the logs files shows any error. The mentioned login config issue in appserver is gone once I have copied the files blappserv_krb5.conf and blappserv_login.conf you mentioned.

                  Not clear as to what is wrongly configured in my environment. Though this is my DEV instance, I am not sure if this would replicate in PROD too, as I am just trying to refresh the PROD instance in my DEV box. For the time being the workaround of physical restart of the boxes is clearing this unknown services starting logjam.

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                    Bill Robinson

                    the appserver takes about 4 min to startup in the logs attached.  i don't see any errors.  why would you restart the rscd service if the appserver is starting?  if this box is also the file server, then the rscd needs to be running for the appserver to start.


                    the two conf files you mention are not created by default w/ a bsa install because they are going to be custom for your environment.


                    this is the right database:jdbc:sqlserver://BP1LCSAP100:1433;DatabaseName=bladelogic;SelectMethod=cursor and user = bladelogic



                    maybe the problem is the box - if the cpu and/or memory are pegged that could be an issue.  how much memory and cpu and what else is running on the box ?

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                      Hi Bill the file server is also on the same box, I am restarting the RSCD service once I am getting the windows service alert (1053..) just to ensure that there is no services logjam happening and after this restart only

                      I am seeing that the appserver service is getting started (I could not check the exact time required) but then I understand internally something is still not up, that’s why console still is not able to get acknowledged about the appserver service started and continues to show the connection closed alert.


                      The DB connection string is correct, I have mentioned the DB Name, User name and password all are same

                      I have attached the resource stats and I am not seeing anything unusual in the details, in fact I have sort of over hauled this whole box by removing many unwanted applications / utilities and also cleaned up earlier installations of Bladelogic even removing all user profile folders and stuff


                      But then I am not clear as how everything is working fine on physical restart of the box. If it is box specific then I understand even this should fail.

                      We usually import the Prod DB and get the required objects from Production File Server so that our local instances are matching the PROD instance

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                        Bill Robinson

                        so after the appserver is done starting up, you can't connect?  and you are connecting to the right ports, etc ?

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                          Yes Bill after restarting the Appservice (from services console) I am not able to connect, however as said after a physical restart of the DB box and Application server box, there are no issues seen, everything works fine.

                          The ports and other config things are rightly set.

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                            Don Kim

                            You may have said this, but it sounds like your appserver didnt start. Try running blappconf (not sure what it is in Windows) again and you see if the app servers starts. This will check your DB and fileserver settings which if configured incorrectly, will prevent appserver from starting.

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                              Bill Robinson

                              Why would blappconf help here?


                              If the appserver is starting up, as seen in the log, then it’s starting…


                              Maybe it’s not actually starting – maybe you should stop the service and delete the log files and then start the service so we are sure the log entries are current.

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                                Joe Piotrowski

                                From what I understand, he's saying that if he physically reboots the server, everything works fine and he can connect via the console. If he manually restarts the app server service from the console, he can no longer connect.

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                                  Yes physical reboot of the server is not showing any issues and even the console is connecting fine once rebooted (DB server first and then Application Server), however if I am restarting the Appservice alone (from windows services console) all the above discussed issues are seen.

                                  So I am confused as to what is happening if I am restarting appservice alone (physical restart may not be possible for every minor config change)

                                  Thanking again for helping to debug the issue...

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                                    Joe Piotrowski

                                    As Bill suggested, clear (or rename) your appserver.log and try restarting the app service instance. Then post the appserver.log for review.

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