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    SRM 8.1 - Service Requests displayed in wrong categories

    Hellyson Lima
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      I created the following navigation categories:


      First Category:

      Level 1: Documentation

      Level 2: IBM


      Secound Category:

      Level 1: Server

      Level 2: IBM


      When I click on the subcategory IBM within the Documentation category, is displayed the Service Requests categorized as Documentation/IBM and also the Service Requests categorized as Server/IBM, this is a problem or a expected behavior?


      OS vendor/version : Windows Server 2012

      Database vendor/version : Microsoft SQL Server 2012

      Version/patch levels of BMC product(s) : AR Server 8.1 SP2, ITSM 8.1 SP2, Mid-Tier 8.1 SP2 and SRM 8.1 SP2