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    Status about Solaris Patch Catalog on Health Dashboard



      We are getting error in Solaris Patching-


      As per Patching health dashboard-


      The Solaris patching is impacted due to Oracle url changes.

      Can somebody confirm when this can be resolved?


      Is anybody able to perform online patching nowadays.

      Our Solaris patching customers are effected with the error-


      Download failed for one or more patch.Remediation Job quitting.

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          Jim Wilson

          The Oracle URL changes were reverted and all in-house and customer testing since then has confirmed that BSA is once again working without need for any change.


          Either, they have made new changes and you are the first to be impacted, or you have a separate problem


          Either way your best action is to open a support issue and they will investigate the specific circumstances and will then come back and update the Dashboard with any news.


          Thanks & Regards,