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    How Can I Manage Multiple Red Hat Catalogs With A Single Analysis Job

    Chad Johnson

      Hello Community,


      We have multiple offline catalogs.  For this example I will use only two catalogs, one for RHEL 6.3 and another for RHEL 6.4.  We lock down our builds and align them with the catalogs so that a 6.3 system should only receive content from the 6.3 catalog and a 6.4 system from the 6.4 catalog.


      The problem we have is when we wish to deploy a given rpm to our full environment.  We will use the fictional name "foo" for the rpm in this example.  The foo rpm has two different versions, one in the 6.3 catalog and another in the 6.4 catalog.  We must ensure that 6.4 systems only received the version from the 6.4 catalog and the same rule for the 6.3 systems and catalog.


      Traditionally we would need to create two independent analysis / deploy jobs, one for each catalog against it's target servers.  This causes two issues.  First is the manual labor of doing the same work twice for a simple request.  Second is the ability for an operator to accidentally analyze 6.3 systems using the 6.4 catalog.


      This problem only grows larger when additional catalogs are brought into scope (RHEL 5.X, others, etc).


      When comparing this to Red Hat satellite with servers assigned to their appropriate channels (RHEL 6.3 vs. 6.4) a single 'command' can be used to deploy the "foo" rpm and satellite will 'figure it out" regarding 6.3 vs. 6.4.


      How can I create a single analysis / deploy job in bladelogic server administration (v8.3.01) which will target all servers (both 6.3 and 6.4) using only the appropriate catalog for the analysis and subsequent deployment.@