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    Auto move change between approvals

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      We have  3 level of approvals - Review, Implementation and Close down.


      Currently after the review approvals, Change stays at planning in progress and users forget to move it to further request for Authorization.

      Is there some OOB way to move the status till another approvals are requested?


      Appreciate your assistance!



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          Ashok Kumar Jha

          Hi Akhil,

          I didn't get your requirement clearly. Do you want the change request to automatically move to Implementation Approval i.e Scheduled for Review status once the review approval is done? And then once the implementation approval is done, it should go to close down approval?


          This means that the life cycle of the Change request only goes through the approval phases and there are no real work being performed. In your case, the change request is at Planning stage. There are some tasks defined for this stage like planning and scheduling before it is actually submitted for implementation approval. You can configure your approval process to do the status transition that you have described, but then as i said before CR becomes an approval process flow without any real task.

          Let me know if i haven't understood your requirement. Thanks.

          • 2. Re: Auto move change between approvals
            Saroj Sahu

            Does not seem to be an usual change life cycle scenario. Still, if the need is to have consecutive approvals without the need to wait in between and do a next stage, one can configure the approval phases that way. e.g. For the given scenario, do the below:

            Form: Approval phase configuration

            Phase                         begin status                         approved status               rejected status          no-approver status

            Review                        Request for authorization       Scheduled for approval     Rejected                    Scheduled for approval

            Impl. approval               Scheduled for approval          Scheduled                      Rejected                    Scheduled

            Close down approval     Completed/                           Completed                      Rejected                    Completed

                                               Final review required               Final review complete                                      Final review complete



            - I assume the need is not to jump IIP status, so the CDA phase is not a consecutive phase

            - As the CR is directly going to Impl phase without waiting, so the scheduled dates need to be provided before entering into the review phase.


            I hope this is what is needed. If the need is different and not as per how I perceived it, please provide more information about the requirement.