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    Patching Windows 8.1 (vs) Windows 7 SP1 - channel.txt Props

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      Patching Windows 8.1 (vs) Windows 7x - channel.txt Props


      Environment - For Patch Release

      We have a robust Pilot, Beta program within our company, so our Patch Releases are 7 days later then MS Patch Release Tuesday

      So we 'Disable all ability' for client endpoints to have Windows Patches Auto-install, or MS Pop-Up Shield in the Systray recommending Unapproved Patches to the Users. The Enterprise Patch Team along with our Pilot and Beta communities validate every Patch internally, and we get Regional Approval based on the Beta Results.



      • On our Windows XP machines we set the Automatic Update Service to Disabled with GPO - Note: WinXP Patches are .EXE file format
      • The BBCA Patch Service does not require the Automatic Update service to be Enabled for WinXP patches to install (all good)


      • On our Windows 7x machines we set the Windows Update Service is Disabled with GPO - Note Win7 Patches are .MSU file format
      • For Windows 7x machines we have added (update.service.handler=true) in the channel.txt Using Policy Manager
      • This allows the BBCA Patch Service to Enable then Disable the Windows Update Service when needed for MSU format Patches


      Help full Hint - Command line in Policy Manager Advanced Tab to set the Property


      Windows 8.0 and 8.1

      • For Windows 8x machines we have tried the Prop (update.service.handler=true) in the channel.txt of Patch Service
      • This does not seem to allow Patch Service to Manage the Windows Update Service as it did in Windows 7x

      Workaround on Win8x

      We changed the Win8x GPO (wmi filtered) to Enable the Windows Update Service in Services.msc THEN Disable the Auto-Update and Display Shield in Control Panel itself.


      Question to All and BMC

      1. This above Win8x process works, but has anyone else used (update.service.handler=true) in the channel.txt of Patch Service?
      2. Is it working in your environment for Win8x? or Only in Win7x?
      3. BMC - Is there a new Property for the BBCA Patch Service to allow the same functionality as (update.service.handler=true)

      //Thanks All - for any input-insight on Your Approach to Win8x Patching

      //And Your Time//