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This poll ended on Sep 9, 2019.

Remedyforce Workspaces Tab

Hey Everyone!  Happy Friday!  Quick question for you...we were working with one of our partners to review the need (or lack of need) for the Remedyforce Workspaces Tab.  Currently we expose this tab through our ServiceDesk Staff permission set, but we're considering withdrawing its availability.


What this would mean for you:


If you have Staff who are assigned our default ServiceDesk Staff permission set, they would no longer have access to the Remedyforce Workspaces Tab.  If your staff need access, you could create a new permission set, making just this tab available, and assigning it to the staff (this would be in addition to the ServiceDesk Staff permission they already have).


So...our question is do you have staff who use or rely upon the Remedyforce Workspaces Tab?  Note that the majority of the options on this tab are now available through the Remedyforce Administration tab.


Be sure and vote below!

Poll Results
  • I'm fine with getting rid of access to the Workspaces Tab. (40%)
  • We still have staff that use the Workspaces Tab. (30%)
  • We still have staff that use the tab, but can easily move access to a custom permission set. (30%)
  • Other - please leave a comment below. (0%)


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