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This poll ended on Apr 1, 2019.

Windows Patching (Shavlik) EOL Poll

We are running this poll to get a sense of community awareness and action on the Microsoft Windows patching end of life notification we recently sent out. Please respond to the poll to let us know your situation. If you are unaware or are aware and need help, please open a ticket with Support.


BMC Software is alerting users of TrueSight Server Automation ("TSSA", previously Bladelogic Server Automation) using Windows Patching that action must be taken before September 30th, 2019 to ensure continued functioning of Windows Patching in the TrueSight Server Automation product beyond that date.


Users must upgrade the TSSA application server and all RSCD agents on Windows servers which are targets for TSSA Windows patch analysis. The reason for this change is the end of life of the version of the Shavlik SDK previously used by TSSA. There is an updated SDK used by the most recent versions of the application server and the RSCD agents. Please note: if you do not upgrade by September 30th, 2019, Windows patching will cease to get updates and Snapshot, Audit, Compliance, and Live Browse of the 'Hotfixes' node will also not work.


Please see this Support Flash in the TSSA Documentation for full details

Poll Results
  • I don't do Windows patching (40%)
  • I am aware and have updated my app server and RSCD agents (60%)
  • I am aware and have NOT updated my app server and RSCD agents (0%)
  • I was not aware until now (0%)


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