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What is your favorite "Short ID" format?

So this is no big secret that the leading “Zeros” in the Ticket IDs are… impractical!


A recurrent practice is of course to scrap them away, but I haven’t seen a common consensus yet on the format to be adopted. From what I have seen, every organization have it’s own way of shorting them off.


We are about to roll out a new feature in ITSM4Outlook that will let you make good use of “short IDs”. Just to be clear, we are not changing the way IDs are handled or stored in Remedy, the solution’s client will just display and match several ID formatting. In a nutshell, it will scrap the zero’s for you.


I was wondering what our default “short format” should be?


This is my personal favorite:

RE:[REQ-229101/INC-231101] This is Test Incident

Poll Results
  • Compact - INC231101 (50%)
  • Hyphen - INC-231101 (30%)
  • Spaced - INC 231101 (0%)
  • Hash - INC#231101 (20%)
  • Other - please leave a comment. (0%)


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