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Problems in Entuity 15.5 Patch 02

HI All,


Recently we have upgrade Entuity from 13.0 to 15.5 in our production Environment with almost 500+ devices with patches 02. But just after upgrading we have started to face different issues there and i don't found it normal.

What i think is Entuity need to release a new patch to encounter these issues.

I want to know how many of you are infected with this problem.

Please share your thoughts and concerns.

Any reply will be highly appreciated.


Common Bugs i have faced :

1. Reports Failure

2.Suppression rules not working

3.Fake network outage on devices

4.Not able to delete some devices


There is no big change that i have found in Entuity 15.5 w.r.t 13.0 .


Please give your feedback on this just by clicking on below.

If you are also facing issues in 15.5 click problem.


Else click No problem.



Ishant Walia

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