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This poll ended on Apr 22, 2016.

BMC Discovery - Potential Webinar Topics

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the What's New with Discovery v11 Webinar Please feel free to navigate to that post for links to the recordings as well as the output of the Q&A sessions.  We had a pretty good turn out and  feel its a good means to communicate best practices to the community so we want to do more webinars.  We need your help in identify the topics that would provide the most benefit to the communities.  Below are 10 webinar topics we came up with based on input internally.  We would like to get your feedback on which topics you would like to see as a webinar and encourage you to vote!  Don't see a topic that would be interesting to cover?  Then feel free to post a comment with your suggestion and a brief abstract on what should be covered.

Poll Results
  • Deep Dive:  Cluster Discovery and the CMDB (33%)
  • Credentials Best Practices - vCenter and SNMP Devices (0%)
  • Credentials Best Practices - Storage and Database (0%)
  • Credentials Best Practices - Unix and Windows Platforms (0%)
  • Implementation Tips and Tricks: Consolidator and Scanning Appliance Clustering (0%)
  • Mapping Review:  BMC Discovery Taxonomy and CMDB CDM (0%)
  • TPL Development Best Practices (11%)
  • Fun with Scripts, CLI, and Web API (0%)
  • Reports, Dashboards, and Queries (0%)
  • Approach to Start Anywhere Application Modeling (SAAM) (56%)


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