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Who finds the Condition handling of Ctrl-M should get an update/improvment.

The condition handling in ctrl-m (regardless of which version) is bad. You need a lot of homegrown set-ups and BMC utilites to perform

an effective condition handling. It is extremly timeconsuming and there is almost no validation. With each ctm version some things where done a bit better, but the basics ar still missing and have to be done manually.



  • MaybeCond. Handling
  • Time consuming
  • For each in-condi. I need to define a DEL Out-Cond.
  • Tables/Jobs will be hanging and waiting for Condi, because there is a typo or the adding job doesn't exist.
  • For each conection, you need to open/load both entities, the sending and the receiving one.
  • No auto. Sort or any sortoptions available
  • No option to automatically delete the in-conditions
  • Visualisation is not working if I add a cond. with ODAT but receives it with PREV
  • When linking jobs/tables together (drag&drop) it works fine: three condi. are created: one in-cond., one ADD out-cond. and one DEL   Outcond. If I then click on the created link and want to delete the condition with the rightmousebutton-option "Delete Dependency*, it will only delte two conditions. The Out-Cond. DEL will still be there. For me this is not only not nice, but a Bug.
  • No validation, Ctm dosen't care if a condi. is set but nowhere needed and even worster: CTM doesn't care if a job which has a defined in-condi will never start, because this in-condi. is not added anywhere.
  • No calender validation, CTM doesn't care if my reciving job which runs only on a friday, is waiting for a job which runs on a monday. CTM only cares that the option is the same ODAT=ODAT. But it doesn't warn if those two jobs will never meet in AJF/been scheduled with the same ODAT.
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