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Yuxin Xu posted 7 months ago
I would like to get some feedbacks from this community regarding the latest version of Control-M v9.0.19 hosted on Linux platforms more specifically on RHEL v7.x. The question is about Pros and Cons of Physical Linux Server VS Virtual Linux Server(VMware) that hosts BMC Control-M v9.0.19.


  • Matt Laurenceau

    Matt Laurenceau Employee 6 months ago

    Yuxin, the best way to get feedback from Control-M community Members is to ask a questions directly in the Control-M community. Enjoy!
  • Paul Robins

    Paul Robins 6 months ago

    I can't speak for Linux, but we have been running our Windows Control-M environment on VM (with remote MSSQL database also on VM) for many years now and would not consider changing back to physical.