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Yogeesh Kompa posted 4 years ago
Exploring more automation.... BSA on going..


  • Matt Laurenceau

    Matt Laurenceau Employee 4 years ago

    Great! What's your most impactful Use Case?
  • Yogeesh Kompa

    Yogeesh Kompa 4 years ago

    Thanks Matt Laurenceau for the response. Couple of the use case (might look minor but helped in a big way) - File deployment job and NSH for running the scripts. I also use AO where I need to push so many servers on different locations. BSA helped me to push these scripts to exact location in the servers. BSA helps me to run these scripts in association with AO (BSA Adapter) and gives back desired output. Thus helping in first level troubleshooting.  Now started with compliance (better options to match the standards). Looking for OS provisioning and interested in bare metal provisioning. Is there any specific doc for bare metal provisioning? Please help.