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I have often been asked this question from many people. What are the other skills they need to learn apart from working on Control-M? How they can ensure a progressive career in workload automation industry? Here are my answers on this. Please feel free to give your comments or add more to this answer.


1. When you start your career with automation tool then working either on scheduling or administration is ok for a few years.


2. Gradually you need to learn both Scheduling and Administration if you are already working on the tool for two to three years.


3. Once you are strong in the concepts of automation tool you should start focusing on the other technologies which are useful to learn.


     a. Learning Databases. Because Control-M or any other scheduler will be needing a database. When you are well aware of the databases your life becomes easier. You now have taken yourself a level ahead with the people who only know Control-M tool. You know how to fire a few basic queries to pull up those reports which can be given to clients as a value add.


     b. Learn a scripting language. When you are working on Control-M it is utmost important to have an expert level of expertise on at least one scripting language. This makes your life easy to automate all the administration things which you have to do manually otherwise.


     c. Learn some basic networking and security concepts like LAN/Virtual Network/NIC/Firewalls/Ports etc.


     d. Needless to say if you have been working only on one type of environment than you need to enhance your skills to learn to work on other platforms as well before it is too late. I have seen people who are working only on Windows platform for 10 years and are clueless when it comes to Unix environment.


4. Once you are an expert in the above points you can easily play a role of Consultant or Architect as well rather than being just a scheduler or administrator.