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  • Member SinceApril 15, 2010
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  • BiographyI started my career in 1986 as a customer service rep at Lotus Development in Cambridge. (Does anybody even remember 123 or Symphony?)

    In 1991 I moved to DC and took on client training and documentation for a small start up help desk company called Vycor. It had 15 employees.

    In 1996 McAfee acquired the company and consolidated the offices in Herndon, VA and I became the Product Manager for McAfee Help Desk.

    1998, I relocated to Silicon Valley, McAfee acquired Magic Solutions, and I led the development of Magic Service Desk, one of the first browser based solutions on the market.

    I left the bursting tech bubble at the end of Y2K and traveled the world homeless for most of 2001, before ending up back in Washington, DC. I took a job with Verisign, marketing domain names to consumers, but they never caught on ( .biz .info...really?). I returned to McAffee in 2003 as a product marketer and was soon sold to BMC along with the rest of the business unit in 2004.



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