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Steve Gibbs posted 3 years ago
I am teaching the BMC Academy online class this week for Client Management. I get to stay in warmer Florida and work from home this week!.


  • Vishnu Nair

    Vishnu Nair Moderator 3 years ago

    That's way cool Steve! Anybody from South East User Group attending?
  • Shadab Ashraf 3 years ago

    Steve, you might find Events Creation Best Practices useful for this and future events. You can now create events on BMC Communities and invite friends to join. Very similar to the Facebook experience. Goodluck! :)
  • Steve Gibbs

    Steve Gibbs 3 years ago

    I used the "Update Your Status" link to create this item. This is not an open "Event" where others are allowed to join. This is a BMC Academy event and controlled by Education. I am not sure why this has generated these comments. Maybe you all can provide a link as to "Best Practices" for updating your status?
  • Shadab Ashraf 3 years ago

    Understood. Certainly this is not a top a use case for events module but a worthy heads-up for any open/offline engagement you might plan in 2018, helping you reach a bigger audience & more engagement on BMC Communities. :)