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This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: Remedy AR System Server COMPONENT: AR…
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Karen Farrell
EMEA Partner of the Year Materna Information & Communications SE DBA Partner of the Year Matrix IT DSM Partner of the Year VIPCON GmbH DSO Partner of the Year Fusion Global Business Solutions…
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Marco Garruto
Hi all, BMC Documentation write Credential Windows proxy — a BMC Discovery application that runs on a customer-provided Windows host and uses credentials supplied by the BMC Discovery appliance to… (Show more)
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Steve Williams
When importing/Exporting an SRD a _0 is added to the end of an image file.   Having this many 0's will cause an import error.
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Rick Sharp
Using the "Submit Date" Remedy field and Assuming YellowFin documentation instructions applies to SR in use. System Information Application Version: 7.35 Build: 20170512 Java Version: 1.8.0_92… (Show more)
Holly Mullins
This might sound like a dumb question - but I have to ask.  My company bought ITSM 19.02 - is SMART IT 19.02 part of that by default?  Or is it two names describing the same product?  When I first… (Show more)
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Noemi Infantes
Hi all, I just wanted to understand why some fields are not available to show in the Incident view in Smart IT. We want to show the Vendor ticket Number field in the Record Details section from… (Show more)
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Thomas Hammer
Hi community, what is the best way to store network zone and sub-zone information in the CMDB? Is there a dedicated class? Are there dedicated attributes within an existing class? Class… (Show more)
Yogesh Lalchandani
I have a quick question. Will identification happen again on already identified assets? For e.g ADDM pushed a record with Null serial number and it was identified as new asset in BMC.ASSET. Few days… (Show more)
Patrick Rauhut
Hello Community,   I want to share a small pattern that discovers SSL Certificates used by "Apache Tomcat Application Server", "Apache Webserver" and "IBM Websphere Application Server" and creates a…
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