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  • Twitter ID@seth_paskin
  • Member SinceDecember 15, 2015
  • BiographyMy dad was in the Air Force. We lived a lot of places. I went to school to be a Philosophy professor. I changed my mind and fell into tech. 20 years later...

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  • ExpertisePhilosophy, AIOps, machine learning, product marketing, product management, inbound marketing, strategic planning, presentations, podcasting, Burgundy wines



Skills and Expertise

  • aiops1
  • truesight operations management1
  • ux1
  • dynamic baseline
  • it analytics
  • truesight capacity

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Seth Paskin

Status Update4 months ago

So much activity in Communities lately. If things look different, it’s because they are. Updates...

Blog Post Jun 26, 2018

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