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Due to the current situation with COVID-19, things are definitely not business as usual right now. Many organizations are faced with needing to support remote workers for the first time.

In response to COVID-19, organizations across the world are asking or requiring their employees to work outside of the office. Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft have all told their workers to stay home. For both workers and their companies, this unexpected action has significant consequences. More people telecommuting translates to much higher demand for more and different IT services. More requests are coming in for remote assistance. IT staff, who are often also working from home without their usual resources, need tools to help these remote workers.

New remote workers often require hardware and software to work effectively from home. That means organizations must be able to track and manage the laptops and applications that go home with employees.

While we don’t know the long term implications of the corona virus and its effects on the workplace, we do know that remote working is an important part of maintaining productivity. Whether your organization sends everyone back to the office post-corona virus or sticks with a partial or complete work-from-home workforce, IT must have tools in place to support the modern digital workplace.

Tools like BMC Client Management can help. Here's what one customer just told us:

"With the recent surge in requirements for home working, BMC Client Management has been a critical asset to West Midlands Ambulance Service as it has allowed the Trust to provision, secure, and support thousands of end user devices for our employees and more quickly than ever before. It is the best product I have ever seen or used."  - Rich Monkton, IT Support Manager at West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust.

Work is changing at a blistering pace, punctuated by events like the corona virus. Every organization’s first priority is keeping its employees safe and healthy. After that, it’s up to business and IT leaders to implement solutions that keep creativity, productivity, innovation and communication flowing, no matter where their employees are.

BMC Client Management can securely: Take remote control and directly access user's machines to troubleshoot and fix problems, deploy and update required software, patch operating systems to ensure home workers have what they need to do their jobs, and provide management with visibility of all the laptops and software in the field.

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