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Shadab Ashraf posted 4 years ago
Did you know:  You can open search popup or create menu by typing "s" or "c" respectively, from anywhere on BMC Communities. Via. Matt Laurenceau


  • Jason Miller

    Jason Miller Moderator 4 years ago

    I did not! That is great! I was just thinking earlier this week I wish there were hotkeys in Communities. Are there any others? What about a reply one? That would be nice (but probably trickier since you can reply to different comments or the post itself).
  • LJ LongWing

    LJ LongWing Champion 4 years ago

    Interesting.....good to know
  • Shadab Ashraf 4 years ago

    Jason Miller I'd publish a document with all the hotkeys on communities in Using Communities. Stay tuned! :)