Stefan Hall
Hi, a frequently overlooked detail that can make work easier: rewrite valve. No plugin any more, no additional apache webserver, it works ootb. "The rewrite valve implements URL rewrite…
in Remedy AR System
Achin Kalia
HI All,   I have a Data Collection & Consistency Status Problem Report being delivered from my TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers to my email id, which I want to disable forever. From… (Show more)
Dear Community members,   Has anyone seen/configured/completed  the integration of TSOM with pager duty or jira .   I could see the on the marketing page of TSOM I could see the name of these two… (Show more)
in TrueSight Operations Mgmt
Patrick Mischler
Hi Community!   I have 40'000 incidents (caused by a bad configuration in TrueSight). How can I close this incidents as fast as possible?   Regards, Patrick
in Remedy ITSM
Jacques Tessier
Has truesight event manager been renamed to truesight infrastructure? I cannot seem to find Event Mgr as a product anymore.
Ferry Groot
Hello discoverers,   we have a BMC Discovery-Cluster Version We connect with the cluster through a loadbalancer. When we stop one of the appliances, there is still a website available,… (Show more)
in Discovery
Roland Pocek
hi everyone,   i found today that i have problems with publish process in TSOM, giving me the error that the attribute isVirtual is now called isVirutal_old. therefore publish is not working and if… (Show more)
in TrueSight Operations Mgmt
Anas Almokayad
nwdevices := search (NetworkDevice where sysname has substring "%CDPneighbour.cdpCacheDeviceId%" or name has substring "%CDPneighbour.cdpCacheDeviceId%");       This will result  to getback network… (Show more)
in Discovery
Patrick Mischler
Hello Community!   Every day several hundred to thousand Infrastructure CI Incidents are created. How can we turn this off?   Regards, Patrick
in TrueSight Operations Mgmt
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