tengjiao zhang
Info:   BPPM Version:9.6.02   IS Version:9.6.02   PatrolAgent:   Description:   After installing PatrolAgent on server,if we forward events to Cell using… (Show more)
Loretta Seto
We’re inviting you to participate in a new beta program to test the Remedy platform running with PostgreSQL DB or Amazon Aurora DB.  BMC is considering to support these new databases for use with the… (Show more)
in BMC Customer Programs
Rohan Pant
We are trying to integrate our product with BMC Remedy AR System for our client who uses your product. The integration will enable our client to create incidents in BMC Remedy from our product's GUI… (Show more)
in Remedy AR System
s vaishali
Hi Team,   The script works fine from the mid server(target server where script is placed), but if the same script is ran from BMC AO it throws an error as "Access Denied".   Note: The powershell… (Show more)
in TrueSight Orchestration
Roland Pocek
soon to be top 30 in community :-)
Shantanu Ballal
Hello,   Is there any troubleshooting method for MyIT to know the workflows/plugins/API/Scripts which are responsible for end to end flow. I am not finding a way where I can capture these logs while… (Show more)
in Digital Workplace / MyIT
Hi Team,   If i install the Patrol agent in Linux server, where can i find the installation log file, please let me know the location.
in TrueSight Operations Mgmt
Nilesh Wange
Hi All ,     We have installed the Presentation server in Production environment but  we need to change RSSO hostname on PS .Can you suggest me is it possible to change the Hostname of RSSO after… (Show more)
in TrueSight Operations Mgmt
Prasad Veerangan
Hi Team,   We are receiving following error message, when a prerecorded script try to simulate the URL availablity.     BrowserClick(BrowserEngine: 29 - UI element not found )     Referred below… (Show more)
in TrueSight Operations Mgmt
venkata ramesh ijjigani
HI Team,   We are getting the patrol agent service issue frequently. The service is going to stopped state frequently.We can see the below issue in the Agent error logs. We have verified the CPU… (Show more)
in TrueSight Operations Mgmt
Pradeep Nagar
Hello All In one of our region we have different entities and we treat them differently in terms of alert operations. For example, we have entity A, B, C and D and all are having different MRLs and… (Show more)
in TrueSight Operations Mgmt
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