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"It seems I have been practicing social distancing the last 7 years working from home..."

Richard Cooke

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Posted by Richard Cooke Feb 14, 2020
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BMC is announcing end of life for BMC Dashboards and BMC Analytics products and the BMC Analytics OnDemand Service.

This product has been withdrawn from any sales on December 08, 2016. However, existing customer deployments will be supported

until the respective product's obsolete date as outlined below.



Product withdrawal date
(Existing customers can add capacity and renew until the date of the Projected Obsolete Date)

December 08, 2016

Product obsolete date

(Product is no longer available or supported)

March 31, 2018

March 30, 2020*

* Product obsolete date for Analytics was revised in May 2018.


Product announcements for BMC Dashboards and BMC Analytics - BMC Analytics for BSM 8.1.00 - BMC Documentation

Richard Cooke


Posted by Richard Cooke Jan 15, 2020
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I know that many of my federal sector customers are unable to use FTP, and with increasing customer demand for robust cybersecurity and GDPR compliance, BMC has implemented a new solution for receiving files from customers, Secure File Transfer (SFT). SFT supports SFTP, FTPS, and HTTPS protocols with the latest transfer and at-rest encryption technologies.

SFT is replacing our existing services for receiving large files, which are Anonymous FTP (,, and

Using Service Cloud for receiving case-related files with a size of 2 GB or less is still the best practice, but when that is not an option, SFT is the approved alternative.


Here is a short video on SFT, and attached is an attachment covering the process.

Richard Cooke

Proactive Notifications

Posted by Richard Cooke Jan 14, 2020
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Using your BMC Support login, you can subscribe to Product and Alert notifications.


How to sign up for proactive notifications.

1. Go to:

2. Click Support Login

3. Click My Support Profile



4. Click Create or Modify Customized Product and Subscription Lists




5. Search and select the products you wish to receive notifications and alerts for:




6. After selecting 'Subscribed' for a product you will receive an email confirmation notification.





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