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Raj Cheruvu

Agile Change Management

Posted by Raj Cheruvu Employee Apr 18, 2019
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I recently read a story about a teacher asking her class, why are there brakes in a car. As expected, there were several answers

  • - To slow car down
  • - To avoid collision
  • - Etc..

One student replied, “ To enable you to go faster “

That response was truly profound. Can you imagine how fast would you drive a car if there were no brakes in them?

With the increase in the adoption of Agile practices in companies, the development teams are resisting the idea of Change management and are pushing the service owners to remove the onerous Change approval process to enable rapid delivery.

Now if you think about it, is the Change approval process any different than the brake in a car ? Just like a brake enables the driver to confidently drive faster and reach their destination sooner, a proper change management enables changes to be deployed faster and brings agility to the organizations.

With Helix ITSM , this is the exact philosophy we embraced by introducing a Risk analysis module in our offering that calculates the risk score for every change that’s being produced from the agile development tools like Jira, Azure for DevOps, Rally etc.. and automatically creates the change in our change management module with that score. The service owner now has the flexibility to define which changes can be auto approved and the changes that need additional diligence before deployment.

This process allows organizations to delivery rapid changes without risking the availability of the services that they offer.

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