Omar Latif
Hello   Does anyone know how to import data from other data sources into smart reporting? For example the Qlikview or Tableau reporting tool can import data from multiple sources i.e. oracle, MS SQL… (Show more)
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Sharvan Singh
Experts,   We are on 9.1.04   We have reports created using Drill Through feature. It works fine for Smart Reporting admins where in they open parent report and can click on the value in column… (Show more)
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Jose Daniel Sosa Posadas
Hi to all!!!   Reciently i searched courses, docs, guides and tutorials of BMC Remedy in language spanish, but not found, then i was think start a serie of courses for all spanish comunity and… (Show more)
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Syed Reza
Hi, We are in the process of upgrading our Remedy version and want to if there any potential risks involve. Can anyone assist me?   Thanks!
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Bharath Kumar Chitrala
BMC Remedy Smart Reporting 19.02 license will expire by the end of this year 2019-12-31.   There is a separate license file for Smart Reporting 19.02 and it can be applied following steps below:… (Show more)
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Sameer AlOmari
Hello   we made a on boarding process for smart Reporting , the users got imported only the support staff users suppose we have 15000 users in People form , only 400 users created in smart… (Show more)
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kapil shinde
Hi All,   Is there any way I can restrict internet users from downloading an attachment on Change or any other form. User should be able to download only when they are accessing CM Module from… (Show more)
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Jill Robertson
Why does this happen, and how can i correct?  The report is a Public report and hasn't been changed since the end of May, 2019.  When you click on the report, it goes to run, it starts to spin for… (Show more)
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Thomas Hammer
Let's assume the following scenario: BMC ITSM 19.02 is installed on windows servers in a server group with three servers. Everything is up and running fine. Then additional users need to be… (Show more)
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Lisa Singh
Does anyone know how to create a report of all or some of the reports that exists in Smart Reports?
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