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As we are aware Full Admin Approval or Override Approval feature  is not available on Smart IT 2.0 and it might be a very essential part of the change management process like ours.

We have faced a challenge where we might had to keep people who are designated as Approval admins using the old ITSM to approve the changes.

But with a little bit of development and thanks to the Provider actions, there seems to have a work around to approve the change if you are not approver and just having the approval admin.


We would need 3 new regular fields created on change form and all the relevant forms to make them available on Smart IT change view along with the Active approval field.

1.Alternate Approver

2.Approve with default value as Approve Change

3.Reject with default value as Reject change.

All the 3 fields need to be hidden as they are not required in ITSM.

We have to create 3 provider actions:

1.To get/verify if the logged in user having approval admin privileges.

2.To approve reject

1st Provider Action :To get/verify if the logged in user having approval admin privileges.

Create a configuration like below in the Provider action Template configuration:

Now create the provider action on Smart It Screen Configuration like below:


After this we need to create a filter on change from like below:

And then need to add the alternate Approver field to the change view,


Now the 1st provider action is finished.


2nd Provider Action :Alternate Approve

Steps are similar so refer the screen shots.



Create the provider action

Create filter:Create a filter similar to the one in the last step :

Create the screen configuration on Smart IT :


Now the approve process is completed and the process is exactly same withe this status 2 value as rejected.

Lets see how this is functional on Smart IT.

Open any change which is in approval phase and the logged in user is not one of the approver and just have approval admin .



once we click on the button it will open the change in the edit mode or if we open the change in edit mode it will look like below.

Click on the icon:

If the user is not approval admin the Alternate approver field will blank and the approve/reject fields will not be visible.



After we click on the Execute button we will get a message

We can Save which will refresh the ticket or we can say Cancel and refresh the change manually to see the approved change.



It works similar for Rejection as well.

So on the 3rd provider action we need to follow the approved action and build the reject action ,very much simple and similar.

Hope this will help.

Let me know any suggestions.



Ramanee Samal