Igor Svetek
I have a Table A which has a Table - list view that is querying on Table B. On table A I have a button with AL which adds a new record into Table B. Also,  on table A I have an integer field which… (Show more)
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Marek Ceizel
Hello,   We need to open ticket creation form with values using URL. Let's say Change.   1) What I managed in midtier: I am able to open the CHG:Infrastructure Change in SHR:Landing Console in… (Show more)
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Phillip Brockhaus
Coding in Atlanta
Tej D
Dear Team,   I have a character field associated to a sql menu and have the Enable Clear property set to always. It works fine both in user tool and midtier when there is some value to be displayed… (Show more)
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LJ LongWing
Matt Laurenceau, Can you engage the proper resources to help Phil get down to 1 profile?   Phillip Brockhaus Phillip Brockhaus Phillip Brockhaus
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