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Peter Lundqvist posted 6 months ago
Testing 18.08/18.11


  • Stefan Hall

    Stefan Hall Moderator 6 months ago

    Great, we upgrade our live system to 1808.001 this weekend (only the Plattform, AR, Core, RSSO, SmartReport), Suite is another challenge. Let us know more about your results. Good luck ;)
  • Peter Lundqvist

    Peter Lundqvist 6 months ago

    So far there were only a few (easily solvable) hickups. In fact, *knock on wood*, this seems like an easy upgrade. We had some issues with migrating social data from Smart IT, but we worked around that by moving from a mongodb cluster to a single instance. Also, I am still "new" to Smart IT/DWP - so I caused myself some trouble there :)
  • Peter Lundqvist

    Peter Lundqvist 5 months ago

    We did run into a pretty hard blocker with FTS because of a product category customization we have for Smart IT. We also ran into some multibyte issues with workflow in SRM that seem to have trickled back to AR. That one is not a blocker though as it can be worked around.