Kent Sjölund
Currently, when publishing knowledge articles to the end users in Digital Workplace, and some parts of the article resolution can only be performed by IT, we have a problem. Our way of handling this…
Andy Rogers
Hi,   I heard a rumour that Innovation Suite was coming to on Prem installs from 19.02 onwards. Can anyone confirm if this is the case? Also are there any instructions on how to install it locally?… (Show more)
in Developer Community
Peter Adams
I'm looking forward to the inaugural BMC Helix Immersion Days 2019 event and the opportunity to engage with our customers and partners about the latest service management innovations delivered by… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
Alexander Stern
Our Customer  is using Smart-IT as frontend for service desk agents. They have a use case where they need BMC Virtual Agent to interact with the end user, which is using myit. The Service Agent…
Scott Weber
At the moment there is currently not a way to bring up the change calendar in Smart IT without having to create/edit a change. I was told that the calendar view in Smart IT is only a purpose built…
Matthias Werninghaus
It would be nice to Show the datepicker in Smart-IT with the correct first day of the week which is Monday in germany / europe? In MyIT / DWP it works fine. But in Smart-IT the first day is Sunday.…
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