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In today's complex IT environments, you need to be able to do just about everything faster than ever to get high value and a return on whatever business venture that you're in. When it comes to delivering applications from fast moving infrastructure environments that include quickly scalable cloud services and agile delivery modes, you need to know when something goes wrong before it impacts end users.


Keeping up with the speed of digital business is critical, just as this cheetah must keep pace within it's environment to survive.


Consider the following:

  • How agile do you need to be with your monitoring strategy?
  • Does getting started within minutes appeal to you?
  • Does a high resolution, web-scale solution with second-by-second monitoring in real time sound good?


If all of this sounds good to you, make sure you register for the following session at BMC Engage:

Hands-on Lab — Getting Started with Second-by-Second Monitoring with BMC TrueSight Pulse


Join Seth Paskin and Patrick Campbell for a real-time experience of TrueSight Pulse agile monitoring BMC Engage.