Sristi Chakraborty
Hi All,   I just want to add the menu in the existing character field through workflow. That's why want to change the menu name property to $NULL$. But unable to do the same. Can you help me, how… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
Pravashini Nayak
One character field is created on regular form. Field length is zero. Is there any setting so that last character or from the end of the string will be visible on front. Example. I some one enter… (Show more)
in Remedy AR System
T. D.
Good day!   I wanted to know if there is a quick and easy way to modify 100's of CIs. By modify I mean create a 'Managed By' relationships to 100's of CIs to a particular support group.   Currently… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
Ajay Modi
Hello,   We have request from our problem management team to create a multiple child tickets, for a P1 issues.  The child tickets needs to be related to the parent ticket. The child tickets would be… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
mahesh m
Hello team,   I have requirement om SLT , We have created SLA's  for 2 Groups and and when assignment group changes the Goal Time should also reset to zero, For this we enabled Reset Goal Time for… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
JCP Remedy
Hi All,   I have a requirement where I need to trigger a notification email to Change coordinator when a change request is submitted in DRAFT status. Is this something we need to configure as a… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
Abhilash Gupta
Hi Team ,   I have requirement like i have two support groups  groupA,GroupB I have some Existing SLA now i need to Replace them with OLA . and functionality should be like if I am changing the… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
Timothy Mobley
I'm working my way through the install of BMC Remedy ITSM Suite 9.1 with a POC (Proof of Concept) size deployment with an AR System Server (back end), a Mid Tier Server (user facing) and a Smart… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
Jaspreet Singh
Hi All   I have some requirement in MyIT, where we need to shift the focus to "Actions" tab when we search some keywords in the searchbox of MyIT. By default the focus is on "All" tab. Secondly, I… (Show more)
in Digital Workplace / MyIT
CA Bocalan
Hi, I just want to ask if there's another way to create an URL Direct Access link using qual but will not appear the search result list?   Here's my sample link:… (Show more)
in Remedy ITSM
Hi All,   Working on Remedy 8.1.01 with ITSM and CMDB. I have a requirement where i need to purge the existing data and  upload the fresh Data for Laptops and Desktop in the asset. Management.   I… (Show more)
in Atrium CMDB
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