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Hi all,


Yesterday I received a very positive Twitter message from the BMC Remedyforce Customer Success Director Jason Baldree












I really appreciated this positive feedback at Social Media level. As you know hopefully, BMC is very active on Social Media Like Twitter and LinkedIn. (BMC RemedyForce (@BMCRemedyForce) | Twitter & Remedyforce Service Desk | LinkedIn )


I realised that it’s not me driving the Success of BMC Remedyforce only. Result would be that I really need to thank a lot of people for their effort around making Remedyforce such a success. So many people are involved on a daily basis to create this success around the ITSM solution that you as a customer use on a daily basis.


At the end of the day we all have the same goals; create as much as possible happy and excited Remedyforce customers.


So let me start, I will probably forget a bunch of people, so feel free to add;


  1. Remedyforce Product management; People like Chad Haftorson Virginia Leandro Amit Jaiswal Seema Joshi Vinita Gera and their whole development team.
  2. Remedyforce Service’s team; under Crystal Miceli
  3. Remedyforce Customer Success; Jason Baldree Nancy Hinich-Gualda Jonathan Leighton Gladys Garcia Linda Daniels and Richard Would
  4. Remedyforce Customer Enablement and Operations; Kelly McMahon Hall and Joshua Green
  5. Remedyforce product marketing like Erin Avery and Olivier Segers
  6. The partner community, especially kedar zavar  for all his input in the Remedyforce Community (Nr. 1 contributor)
  7. Blogpost like the ones from Inside the Cloud - Cloudaction's blog on all things Remedyforce | Cloudaction, Remedyforce Community Blog | RightStar, Blog or Remedyforce | All the info you need about BMC Remedyforce
  8. Customer advocates like Doug Ayers
  9. The dedicated Remedyforce Sales teams to connect with great new customers
  10. And last but not least BMC Partner Manager like Henk Nijkerk and more


So in summary, thank you all for the great contributions that you deliver to create a success of BMC Remedyforce.

Paul Donder

Guidance blogs

Posted by Paul Donder Moderator Nov 15, 2013
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Hi all,


Just to make sure that all of you will know that we provide some useful blogs and communications around implementing ITSM solutions.


Please feel free to check these blogs;


General blogs related to ITSM and related items/products/projects:


Customer Days/Company events:

InfraVision Customer Day, Birmingham, December 4th 2013



As many of you will know I fully focus on BMC Remedyforce, so here are some BMC Remedyforce pages you might want to check!


But also feel free to check my personal BMC Remedyforce blog. Useful tips, tricks and thinks to consider.

Remedyforce | All the info you need about BMC Remedyforce


BMC Remedyforce on LinkedIn:

Remedyforce Service Desk | LinkedIn



Whenever you might have any question feel free to reach out to us, we are here to help to make sure you get the best out of your ITSM solution.


Paul Donders



InfraVision | LinkedIn

InfraVision (InfraVision_grp) on Twitter