Antti Tapiola
Hi,   we would have a need to create filtered lookup fields in CMDB, but it's not possible. There is already base for setting filters for Remedyforce console, why not for CMDB.   How to make custom…
Erick Hollander
We are wanting to use the SSRedirect page in a Lightning Community page in our org.  However, the Available for Lightning Communities checkbox is not checked on those visualforce pages.  Does… (Show more)
in Remedyforce
Claire Walsh
I would like to rename an object in remedyforce. I have done some research and found instructions to do this through Setup > Customize> Rename tabs and labels. However, this is not changing the… (Show more)
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Craig Hurst
In Remedyforce we have a filed in Change Request to display in Change Assessment, any ideas on how to do this?
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Paul Donders
Hi all,   We would like to see something like a 'Notification centre' for staff agents. (but also clients in self service)   Challenge: Staff agents receive many emails, and for that reason might…
Leo Garcia
Currently anything tied to a client in the CMDB shows up in the View My Assets.  We would like to, for example, not display Services linked to the user in My Assets just Hardware, etc.
Scott Nyce
Hello,   When in Self Service, I think it would be helpful to indicate if there are approvals waiting to be processed, and if there are, show a count for how many.  See mocked-up example.
John Fulton
As Remedyforce continues to enhance and expand across many areas of the solution, the CMDB user interface has remained unchanged since its inception. This project is intended expose and validate… (Show more)
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Lora Barclay
Hi   Does anyone know if there is a way to batch update the Account details in the CMDB entry?   I have the account name in the attributes however its not linking up to account   Thanks
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Arto Laukka
Hi,   Question for the Remedyforce community: Where can I find information on latest Remedyforce patches and their content? Extra points for answering this: Which specific docs page I should set a… (Show more)
in Remedyforce
Ashvin Jadhav
Hi,   How do we hide 'Hide Feed' from details section for service request module only.   Please refer to the screenshot below.      Thanks in advance.   Ashvin
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