Antti Tapiola
Hello Experts,   do you know a way to implement logic under request definition to take some input parameters from current users. I would need to get some user properties from current user and use… (Show more)
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Antti Tapiola
In order to support multivendor environments, SLA / OLA calculations would need more attributes for defining when SLA / OLA is on pause. Today the only attribute that can be used for pause is…
Lorna Lopes
Currently we are able to ensure that some fields are mandatory by making a particular field mandatory in the field set or by configuring the validation rules. However there is no mechanism - apart…
Tom Loven
Currently it is not possible to attach pictures to an incident from the remedy force mobile application. It is not possible for employees and neither for clients.   This functionality would be very…
Paul Donders
Hi,   Many customers, staff agent, complain about the many tabs.. Therefore, and not only for that reason, it would be good to have 1 console view based on the work assigned to that staff agent. So,…
Glenn Daly
The majority of records created in our instance of Remedyforce are Incidents or Service Requests, rarely do we see Task or Change Requests records created. Because our users are predominantly viewing…
Jake Botten
Just like how we have a "Clone" button for creating Incident/Task/Problem tickets, I would find it hugely useful if Physical Locations, LSC's, Business Services, WANs and Hardware records also had a…
Carlos Valle
Hello Guys;   I am trying to change some sets from sandbox to production and i am getting the following error message: "This organization isn't authorized to upload change sets to other… (Show more)
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Muhammad Faizan Iftikhar
Hi Members,   I can create Incident on back date from remedyforce console, need to restrict incident creation on back date and it has to be open on current date only.   BR
in Remedyforce
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