Nur Ilhani Ah Halil
I know this is noob question but really appreciate who could answer my question here.   How do I replace #Error! from Threshold field to other text?   If Free Disk Space (MB) or Total Disk Space… (Show more)
in Remedyforce
Satrughan Mahato
It shows three columns on this action list. -Action -Enable -System Want to display one column Action and  hide other two columns of Enable Edit,System?
Mike Kelly
Please include the ability to set Response Service Level Targets for Tasks.   Below is the Original Archived Idea: Ability to Create Task Response Service Targets
Antti Tapiola
In order to support multivendor environments, SLA / OLA calculations would need more attributes for defining when SLA / OLA is on pause. Today the only attribute that can be used for pause is…
Paolo Scorrano
This feature is asked by customers. Quite puzzling it has not been developed.
Sonja Repo
There should be a possibility to define Approval flow for Service Requests based on the roles in CMDB. For example, if Service Owner for a specific Service is defined in CMDB, the approval of the…
Tracy Kepler
Currently the only way that a staff member can view what members are within a queue is to assign an incident/task to a queue and then select the staff field to see what members display. As per below,… (Show more)
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Maha Rashid
We've recently upgraded our self-service portal to version 3. When the 'Upload attachments as Salesforce files' option is ticked in the app config and I upload an attachment while creating a ticket,… (Show more)
in Remedyforce
Petra Peura
Is there a possibility to add instructions  out-of-the-box for staff user to be visible in the console? Any plans of adding it to requests with not customization?
in Remedyforce
kedar zavar
There is no use of picture and  email link on Self service Customers have to upload own picture and they will never email them self Please remove this big box from left side - this space could be…
kedar zavar
Current view my activity is confusing users and not user friendly The existing records look like email conversation. Its hard to locate records easily Search is not visible We would like Self…
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