Akash Vekhande
Hello Team,   we are creating new patch catalog for RHEL 8 but in filter rhel8 not available in drop down menu in True-sight Server Automation 8.9.04     Regards, Akash
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Anuj Bathvi
Hi Experts,   We need some clarity related to AIX patching.   We are doing offline patching for AIX. We have downloaded the patches and moved the same to repository. Patch catalog has been created… (Show more)
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Gangireddy nallagundu
Does 8.9 version supports Oracle/redhat 8.* version  ? .   please share us the Upgrade process steps from 8.7 to 8.9 including OS upgrade.
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Padmanabh Sahasrabudhe
Happy to announce that we have next patch ready with some key support enhancements:   Now you can run the OS hardening on Red Hat 8 servers. Patch2 allows you to install TrueSight Server Automation… (Show more)
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Yanick Girouard
I often use the "is one of" and "is not one of" condition operators in smartgroups to exclude or include only specific items in the results. Many times, the list of items is very long and having to…