Abigail O'Riordan
I have been browsing the following documentation about BSA Object icons : Object icons - Documentation for BMC Server Automation 8.9 - BMC Documentation   And I did not find anything related to this…
Swatee .
Hi,   I am looking for a command that can list the content of a depot folder.   Do we have any blcli command for the same or any other way to get the output?      
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Greinger Oltra
Hello,   we are facing the following scenario:   A NSH script runs a Powershell script (script_1.ps1). That Powershell script runs another Powershell script (script_2.ps1)     The NSH script is… (Show more)
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Hans-Ulrich Bienert
Hi,   In our production environment we use SLES11 and SLE12 installations which are managed by the tool „SuseManager“. With „SuseManager“ we use the following functions:   Asset Management  …
Gagandeep Dhanoa
Most if not all of the IBM's critical patches become part of next service packs and when AIX is patched using NIM, NIM understands based on what is in service pack that efix does not need to be…
Vadlla Saikiran
Folks   I'm facing a challenge to retrieve exit status from a powershell script execution through NSH Script. BSA Version: 8.9.2   Here is what i'm doing:   NSH Script type: 2 (%h)   Command:… (Show more)
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Tim Bolton
"Create a script type for PowerShell Scripts or the 'type 3' nsh scripts (copy and execute for  non-nsh scripts) worked natively w/ PowerShell and VB." Bill Robinson Nov 13, 2013 7:32 AM (in…
Richard Bayer
Windows Server 2019 will go GA in the 2nd half of 2018, so quite soon. https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/windowsserver/2018/03/20/introducing-windows-server-2019-now-available-in-preview/   BSA…
Padmanabh Sahasrabudhe
I am super excited to share that TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.04 release is GA!! Following are the salient features of this release.   Job qualification check You can now set the maximum number of… (Show more)
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