Raghava PH
Hi Experts,     we are trying to run /usr/bin/sudo /bin/echo 10 in scripting KM policy. it's not working. Hence, we tried in console it's working fine. [patrol@xxxxxx ~]$/usr/bin/sudo /bin/echo 10… (Show more)
Stefan Telley
Hi Everybody,   is it true, that Monitor Konfiguration still has to be done on the Operator Console in Truesight 11.3.1? We had an Event with problem Web_URL Monitor. So I tried to find it on… (Show more)
Saddam Banihani
Hi,   We want monitor the Virtual Machines under the Vcenter (x1),to do that we built 2 "VMware vSphere Infrastructure Policies" one using the agent on TSIS Server (Patrol01) and the another one… (Show more)
Hello,   I recently got this requirement from the OS team to capture the specific processes which triggered an event for high Memory/CPU utilization. Is there a way to configure the same? The… (Show more)
Ferry Groot
Hello,   we use TrueSight 11.3.02.   We are starting to use OpenShift as our container-Platform.   How do other companies monitor their OpenShift-Environment? Do you use the Patrol for… (Show more)
in TrueSight Operations Mgmt
Nir Yavin
Hi everyone,   Real end user monitoring, based on Java script injection requires initial enablement done in 1 of 3 ways: 1. F5 BigIP LB iRule generation 2. Web browser plug-in (Firefox and Chrome)… (Show more)
in TrueSight Operations Mgmt
Shweta Jhall
Hi,   We are trying to configure Script KM File Based Monitoring. The intent is to be able to write the configuration needed to run a script in a file and then get value on TrueSight. Have below… (Show more)
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