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If you need to work with deployment management console basically when deploying(import/export/rollback) apps kind stuffs (like template, SRDs etc); you must have deployment management permission which you will have in People form after doing below steps.



  1. First create group for D2P non-admin user Package Deployer and Package Creator on Group form as follows



  2.  Now map above created groups on Roles form as per below snap by searching Role Name as Package% and map for Test and Production both.

         Note: sometimes Group not reflected on Role form, flush/sync cache will work.




3.  Now map above created groups on “LIC:SYS-License Permission Map” form then only the above created group will be available on People (“CTM:People”) form under AR System. Please follow the below screen shot.


4.   Now the Deployment Management (Non-admin) permission available on People (“CTM:People”) form like below.