Divya Karri
Hi,   Unable to see aging in incident and workorder report.aging is avaliable only for close tickets .how to troubleshoot this?
in BMC Helix Remedyforce
Giuseppe Ruvolo
It would be nice to have the opportunity to reuse every single piece of Remedyforce SelfService in custom lwc to ensure an excellent experience for bmc customers.
Kannaa Chilla
The holiday season is almost here! We've accomplished so much in the last year together, all thanks to you for the incredible support & feedback you've given so far. We also got a fun game to… (Show more)
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Antti Tapiola
Self service details views are missing a possibility to have Status next to ticket ID (see attachment). Why we have it for Incidents, but not for Service Requests. I consider this as a bug, but here…