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Up until today I always believed that DWP Catalog questions could only be mapped to a single workflow variable. Like this:

The way to relate a question to a variable in DWP Catalog Question Designer it is to click the plus + next to a Process Question and that results in a new question with the name of the Process Question/Variable in orange text.


It is possible to place several variables plus some static text into a single mapped field in the Create Incident (or other element) in the Workflow Designer and that results in a concatenated sting of text in a field. Like this:

However, it is also possible to click that plus + again in Question Designer and add a second question linked to the same variable. Like this:

It is even possible for both (or more) questions to have the same name and label, as in the example above.

This is what happens when the end user submits the request from DWP:

However, only the FIRST question answer is pushed into to variable.

However, I checked this with John Gallagher and he has shown me that if you want to MULTIPLE answers to the a field you could do this:

Here we use
"$.questionsAndAnswers[0:3].value" for the path.

[0:3] is the number of answers, it will show up as comma separated with square brackets but you could tidy it up as well.

So it seems that it is possible to map multiple questions to a single variable and use the output as a comma separated string mapped into a single field of the fulfilment ticket.