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This is a summary of the presentation I made on Monday 4th May entitled "BMC Education Hot Topic: Are your customers “Collaborating” on their service requests?"


For further information see the BMC docs pages:

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A video demonstrating the use of the collaboration feature made by my BMC colleagues can be found here: Collaborating on service requests in BMC Digital Workplace 19.02 - YouTube



A user who submits a service request can add other users as collaborators to the request, so the collaborators can view and comment on the initial request. Collaborators can also cancel the service request if required. Collaboration on service requests is useful when a user creates a request that impacts other users or if the user will not be available when the request is fulfilled. For example, Allen is an analyst at his company. Allen and five colleagues from his department work in the office room where an office printer is installed and connected to the corporate network. 

  • One day, Allen wants to print a document, and he realizes that the quality of the printing has diminished. Allen opens BMC Digital Workplace and creates a service request about the printer that needs to be fixed. To the service request, he adds a collaborators group that contains his five colleagues who share the same office room. If Allen is out of the office when the IT department starts processing the request, the service request's collaborators can answer questions from the support team to help process the ticket.
  • When Allen created the ticket, he did not know that Jane (who is part of the collaborators group Allen had created) had already requested the printer service in BMC Digital Workplace. When Jane created the service request, she did not add collaborators to her request. Because Allen had added Jane as a collaborator to his request, she could cancel his request with the comment that she had already created another request.


Manually adding collaborators and collaborator groups to a service request

  1. In the BMC Digital Workplace end user console, view the details for an existing request.
  2. Click Options > Add/remove.
  3. In the Collaborators dialog box, add available individual users and user groups as collaborators.
    The service request is shared with the selected users and groups when the Collaborators dialog box is closed.

Collaborator settings

End users can configure the Collaborator settings in the user profile preferences in the BMC Digital Workplace end user console.