Naji Abdallahi
There is a DWP Asset Action of type "Provider" that does not seem to be documented anywhere. Not to be confused with Smart IT Provider Actions. I am talking about the option in DWP since at least… (Show more)
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Marcell Alzate
Hi there...   there is a reference in documentation to: Page 2-30 of Module 2: NMC Atrium Console (Student Guide for Consumers   I get: ForbiddenSorry, an error… (Show more)
Hi,   I am on DWP Advanced Catalog 19.02. I would like to load users in a DWP Advanced Catalog from a BMC ITSM. But i need to import only a part of them : about 40000 of 400000.   Therefore, i… (Show more)
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Kevin Kennedy
Running SMART IT 1.3.1 and was wondering is there any way to run a report to check how many users are actually using SMART IT?   Looked at this URL - Reviewing active users - BMC MyIT 3.3 - BMC… (Show more)
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Ash Hall
Within the Smart IT Dashboard, a number of KPI's are shown which are preset and cannot be adjusted by the end-user administrator. Companies all have differing qualification and terminology for their…